With over 10 years of technical know how and customer feedback EasyClocking’s Xenio Time Clock is the first time clock to actually live up to it’s moniker of Genius. The Xenio is packed full of features necessary for businesses operating in the world today. With the ability to effectively manage employee time and attendance, comply to varying labor laws, and provide an overall increase in office productivity, the question to ask is can your business afford not to have a Xenio time and attendance system in place?



EasyClocking Xenio 700 Fingerprint Time Clock View My Punches Screen

Restrict Early In/Late Out
Control costly overtime hours by restricting when employees can clock in or out.

Employee Self-Service
Empower your employees with the ability to check their jobs, punches, and schedules right at the clock.

Intuitive Notification Screens
The large 5 inch color LCD displays easily notifies the employee on the action.

Allows your employees to view their work schedules.

Message prompts allows management to easily communicate with staff when clocking in or out.

Custom Questions
Collect additional employee data at time of clocking, like entering tips, or asking a specific question.

Job Costing
Effectively track labor costs for a specific client, project or job.

Time Cards
Allows employees to view their time logs.

Height: 11.25 inches
Width: 8.75 inches
Deep: 6.25 inches

5 inches
Capacitive 5-Point touch
Color LCD

Power: DC 12 Volts
Current (Operational): 2A

Processor & Memory
TI ARM A8 Cortex 1 Ghz
4GB Flash Memory, 512 RAM

Fingerprint Technology: Patented Multi
spectral imaging
Image resolution: 500DPI
Large Scanning area: 18mm x 28mm
Identification Methods: 1:1 or 1:N
Fingerprint capacity: 1000 /
(up to 10,000 optional)
Image Standards: ANSI378, ISO1974
Certified with Minex, PIV,
and most industry biometric standards
and interoperability

Communication Interface
10/100 Auto sensing ethernet with DHCP
1 Programmable Universal Relay
RS232 (COM)
Barcode & Magnetic Stripe (Optional)

Smart Card Technology
Frequencies: 125kHz and 13.56 MHz
Supported credential types:
HID Prox, iClass SE/SR/Seos/Elite
Mifare 1K, 4K, Classic, EM Prox
Certified US Government FIPS 210 PIV II
HID reader is an Optional Component

Door Access Control
Universal relay connects directly to any
12V electronic door lock

Authentication Methods
Fingerprint, Smart Card, Pin Number
Optional: Barcode & Magnetic Stripe

What’s Included In The Box
One Xenio-700, Power Adapter,
Xenio Instruction Guide, Wall Mount,
Screws, Wall Anchors, Wall Mount Screw,
Cover Plate

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