Xenio Iris

Xenio Iris – Iris Recognition Employee Time Clock with New Technology

The XENIO-i1000 is the most advanced iris recognition terminal designed for today’s connected cloud and IoT “internet of things” world. This robust, contactless, and hygienic solution verifies a user’s identity based on the characteristics of their iris. While many mistake it for retinal scanning, iris recognition simply takes a picture of the iris; this picture is used solely for authentication. The user stands in front the iris terminal and in less than a second their identity is verified. Iris recognition is the most accurate form of identifying an individual in high traffic areas. Leave fingerprint privacy and performance concerns behind with the Xenio i1000.


EasyClocking Xenio-i1000 Iris Clock View My Punches Screen

Restrict Early In/Late Out
Control costly overtime hours by restricting when employees can clock in or out.

Employee Self-Service
Empower your employees with the ability to check their jobs, punches, and schedules right at the clock.

Intuitive Notification Screens
The large 5 inch color LCD displays employee events and notifications.

Allows your employees to view their work schedules.

Message prompts allow management to easily communicate with staff when clocking in or out.

Custom Questions
Collect additional employee data at time of clocking, like entering tips, or asking a specific question.

Job Costing
Effectively track labor costs for a specific client, project, or job.

Time Cards
Allows employees to view their time logs.





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